What to Know When Coming for LCC


The Lagos Comic Con is reputed to be the Meca for energetic youths seeking the most geeky fun.

Registration: General access is free but you must register at the registration desk before you will allowed to go in. If you need access to special partner zones like the master classes then you will need to obtain tickets before event.

Time: Events and activities generally begin as early as 9AM and don’t stop till as late as 6PM. So be advised to come prepared to spend all day catching the fun of your life. And no, the activities are irresistible that you won’t want to leave. So in order not to be in an unfortunate dilemma of needing to leave yet not wanting to miss out in the packed events, come with all you need to sustain you there for as long as you will stay and that includes cash or a loaded ATM card.

Dressing: Comic Con is not a straight jacket event. We’re not that serious. Come dressed as casual and comfortable as you like. You can come with face painting or costumes to dress up like the thousands of others who know how to have fun.

Purchasing Power: Our exhibitors come with hundreds of fascinating products you might never see anywhere else afterwards. They range from awesome comic books to posters, books, films, cool service subscriptions, T-shirts, Toys for your kids, Games, Facecaps, and so many other amazing stuff. Come with money, plenty of it. These products are often at a ridiculously discounted price so you will better served if you come ready to take advantage of this.

Networking: You will definitely be meeting lots of creative industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Be wise to come with some business cards to give out or at least prepare an elevator pitch of what you do. You never know who you will run into. From celebrity artistes, animators, bestselling authors, publishers, game developers, investors, comic creators, actors, producers, directors, content distributors etc. You don’t want to run into them and not know what to say.

Parking Space: The venue, Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island has a large parking space for vehicles so don’t fret. However be kind to listen to the car park wardens and park where they advise you to park.

Exhibiting: If you are exhibiting, be advised to come along with an electricity extension cable if you need power supply at your booth.