Hollis has always loved telling stories so writing has always been a passion of hers.  Growing up as the daughter of a Naval officer, she had the great fortune of traveling the world from an early age.  The countries she visited, and the great many books she read of adventure and fantasy inspired her to write.  Professionally, she is a TEFL certified English teacher as well as worked at Kennesaw State University for seven years before venturing into writing. She is the author of To Save a World.


Natalie Banks is an international award-winning author and a previous recipient of The North Carolina Governor's Writing Award. She weaves characters with relatable humanity and stories that touch the heart and soul. She has quickly become a favorite among readers. When not writing, she spends time on the beach in North Carolina with her husband and children.


Olukorede is an Associate Editor with The Nation Newspaper. He is a multiple award winning columnist with accolades like, Columnist of the Year, Entertainment Reporter of the Year, Capital Market Reporter of the Year and Aviation Reporter of the Year. He is also a published author of the thriller, In The Name of Our Father.