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Also known as Cortex, he is a young architect and CG visualization artist whose crave for 3-dimensional visualization gave birth to Chronos Studeos in 2007. He has since been an active contributor to the visualization industry in Nigeria on a large scale. His work "SOHO Living for Urban professionals made it to the 2nd stage of the World architecture News (WAN) awards in December 2012. Hassan is an author on the company website www.chronos-studeos.com/blog and has written over 20 blog posts with majority of them on 3d visualization, 3D concepts, keyframing, lighting and animation tips. He spends time learning about a wide range of subjects and he loves nature; plants and animals. He is also a big fan of role-playing computer games. Some of his notable animation works are Project Monrovia animations, offshore platform animation and lekki gardens animations. Trained as an architect, his keen attention to detail speaks in his works. He takes time to relate with young creative minds.

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