The exhibition session is where you can exhibit and show case your goods and services. This year we have larger exhibition area and expecting over a hundred exhibitors this year and a crowd size of over 5000.To book for a stand at this years event, click here to book a stand...


a Game Zone

This is a segment of the event where games are played. It is the biggest zone so far with a space area of about 24 x 48 feet space. We have a game club that will be a strategic partner at this event and will help coordinate the game competitions. Part of your sponsorship package includes various winnings at the event. We have war games, football games, car racing games etc. The sponsor's name will be associated with this section of the event and the zone exclusively branded in your colours.


b Kids' zone

This is an area for the children. We have a strategic partner from a children care centre/crèche that will organize and take care of the children at the zone. Parents can be rest assured that their kids are safe and playing all sorts of games ranging form Lego to actin toys and even dolls. The sponsor's name will be associated with this section of the event and your products displayed.


c Comics village

This is an exclusive feet space area for vendors selling comics and comic related items. Various comics, graphic novels and books will be sold at this corner. The sponsor's name will be associated with this section of the event and your name will be associated with this section of the event and your products displayed.


d Geek Out Zone

This segment is for vendors selling gadgets, computers, phones, games, technological products and other gadgets geeks and comic lovers will like. The sponsor's name will be associated with this section of the event.


e Arts and Culture Alley

Here we will see all forms of art, ranging from paintings still wet on easels, live art of individuals, bead making, adire, sculptures and various gallery and exhibitions from select students from the Yaba College of technology.


f Nollywood Village

This segment of the event is dedicated to Nollywood films and will be stocked with vendors, producers and marketer selling their various movie DVD's and collections. We will also have celebrity actors and directors at their various stands promoting their movie here. We have a strategic partner in the Directors and Producers guild of Nigeria from the Nollywood Industry and various Nigerian films will be released at the segment.


g Workshop/Seminar Hall


This hall is where all our training session takes place and it holds about 50 participants per session and about 8 sessions for the day. The sponsor's name will be associated with this section of the event.


h Screening Hall

This hall is where we have a one on one interview chart with our guest and celebrities. The fans will also have a chance at this venue to ask all their questions and get candid replies from our celebrity guests. We have partnered with an entertainment TV channel to make this possible. The sponsor's name will be associated with this section of the event and the hall fully branded with your colours.


1 Comic Creators

One of the main reasons young people participate in this conventions is to see your favorite comic book creators. Writers, artists, inkers, colorists, and more are at the convention on hand to sign autographs, make sketches, chat, and discuss comic books, cartoons and animations. It is a great way to get into the mind of the creators and see what makes them tick.


2 Panels

The Animation and Comic book panel will be the bread and butter of convention. There are increasingly more and more special news items and announcements that are being told at comic book convention panels. You can find the juiciest gossip about what is coming next, whom is going where, and what new characters are getting their own books. The clever fan will be able to ask some great questions and almost every time, someone slips up with a great piece of news that then gets blasted on the net. Be that fan and go get that scoop!


3 Buying Comics

Buying comic book used to be the main attraction for comic book conventions. It is still a great part of conventions and many retailers come back year after year with their comics. You can find just about any kind of comic book, from rare Golden and Silver Age comics, to new comics, graphic novels, manga, and there are almost always discount comic book bins around. Get shopping!


4 Costumes

Dressing up is a lot of fun, and the attention that goes along with that is even better. If you have a great costume, chances are that you will be mobbed by people asking to take their pictures with you. It is almost like you are a part of the convention, delighting con goers with your snazzy digs. Most conventions also hold a costume contest, which has some great prizes associated with it. There's nothing like being cheered by hundreds of other comic fans for having that award winning costume.


5 Comic Paraphernalia

There are always fun products that go with comic books. Action figures, movies, toys, statues and just about anything you can think of, and some stuff you haven't, will be at comic book conventions. This is a great way to find some one of a kind items that will be perfect for your collection.


6Convention Only Items

Everyone loves to have something that no one else can get, and at conventions this is almost always the case. Many publishers, film makers, and the convention itself will offer things that you can only find at the convention. It might me a limited edition foil cover comic, a toy or action figure, or a piece of art. These tend to go fast, so remember, "First come, first serve."



Publishers always make a big splash at comic book conventions, having their own booths. They usually get some great creators to make appearances and always have something going on. You can also get some great comics from them and they usually have sales just for the convention.


8Free Stuff

Comic book conventions almost always have a section devoted to giving away freebies. Con goers usually flock to these tables as soon as the door opens. You can find all kinds of things like comic books, toys, posters, cards, and other kinds of things. Sometimes it can be a bit of a mobbing, so be prepared, be polite, and get there first!



Nollywood, Musicians, TV personalities, Broadcasters, Presenters, On-Air personalities, Comedians (celebrities) will be gracing the convention by making appearances, signing autographs, and posing for pictures with youngsters and adults alike.


10New Friends

The convention will be filled with people of the same interests. People who love comic books, cartoons and animations, and the things that go along with it. It will also help youngsters to meet new friends that could become lifelong friends, or at least a buddy to hang out with, because a comic and animation convention is so much richer when you have friends to accompany you. You won’t be left out.



Gaming in all of it forms will be entered into the convention. You will find board games, table top war games, role-playing games, strategy games, collectible miniature games, collectible card games and video games. You can pretty much just bring your family and just play games.


This year, we wanted our sessions to be as practical as possible and also bring topics and speakers that have been at their best in the year. Check out our various speakers and go ahead and register for your session.
Each hourly session costs N1000 ($6) and you can pay into to the account below and reserve your seat or you pay at the gate or click on this link to get an online ticket.